About Us


1995 – First personal design company

Massimo Verme starts his works in Yacht Design in February 1995, as stuctural engineer, performing finite element structural calculations and 3D surface modelling. In 1996 started working with composite design FE software, buying first licence of Algor ( now Autodesk Simulation ). Works for famous design gurus introducing advanced design techniques in that period almost unknown in yacht design.

1998 – First complete structural designs

At beginning of 1998 started his long term collaboration with Andre Bacigalupo as external design studio, following moulds, hull and structural design, delivering complete projects.Leopard 24 was the first, followed by other Arno and Overmarine projects. Mangusta 72, 105, 108 are examples of this 5-years profictable collaboration. In 2001 starts his collaboration with ISA, on the successful series 470.

2003 – First complete technical project management

By end of 2002, we have been involved in two challenging projects of ISA, 120 and 133 series. Personally in charge inside shipyard for project leadership and, as design company, for complete set of engineering drawings. This first, three years long, shipyard experience motivated us in creating our mission: combining styling, engineering and project management in an single team.Fascinated by yacht styling, Massimo Verme starts sketching his styling ideas, registering in 2004 the basic shape of one of our trade mark style elements ( see Design ).

2006 – First complete project: styling and engineering and project management

Customer of Studio Verme since 2000, in 2006 PerMARE decides to make a step ahead, choosing us for the development of a new range of yachts that began with Amer 92, relying not only on our engineering strength but also in our styling ideas. Our concept of integrated design take shape in this first successful project. By the end of 2007 we start our collaboration with Azimut-Benetti group, delivering design and being fully involved in production development of new projects.

2009 – First design award ( Barca dell’anno, Amer 116)

The second PerMARE model fully developed, Amer 116, win the award “Boat of year 2009” in his category. Motivations of the award recognition was both related to the exterion uncommon style and to extraordinary hull efficiency. In 2010 we wan the first edition of Nautical Design Awards. In 2011 one of our models was nominated for the hystorical, triennial award “Compasso d’Oro”.

2012 – Change of pace

While another masterpiece of styling comes out from our styling team, Amer Cento, several other projects are developed from our team. On engineering side our studio grow in capacity and experience, getting from Azimut-Benetti on order for two years of extensive engineering development of the bigger model of the new Benetti Grande fast series, the 140′. We manage to follow five projects over 30 m in parallel, two of them ( Cento and Benetti 140 ) with full shipyard project engineering and assistance. In 2013 we started our internationalization process, expanding our services and creating an international network of sales. We are working in Europe,China and USA.

2016 – Opening a Branch in Malta

Following our work and success in Genoa Italy, we have opened a branch in the island of Malta to cater for the need of Maltese Citizens and companies.




Our Commitment is design integration and innovation.

We shape our idea in stylish and efficient projects, supervising constructions for uncompromised Quality.